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Obedience and Behavior Modification Training for dogs in Burbank, North Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley


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Owner/Founder Sally Kemper

Sally Kemper is the CEO and Founder of Mander's Best Friends and a CPR/first-Aid-certified Canine Behavior Consultant, Obedience Trainer/Instructor and independent Canine Good Citizens Evaluator and S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor for the American Kennel Club, who offers services in Los Angeles, Burbank, North Hollywood and the surrounding areas of the San Fernando Valley.

As a graduate of the nationally accredited Penn Foster Institute where she earned a diploma in Obedience Training, Instructing and Behavioral Science, Sally follows the school's emphasis on "The Total Dog Approach." Moreover, her methods of behavior modification training are influenced by her mentor, James O'Heare, who holds a Doctoral Certificate in Behaviorology from The International Behaviorology Institute.

According to O'Heare, "Finding solutions for dealing with aggressive behaviors takes time and work... If you have been watching trainers on TV shows solve problems in half of an hour and spouting on about 'discipline' and 'dominance' or the quick-fix plan that somehow only they know, then be warned, this is not how it is done. That is entertainment pretending to be professional animal behavior consulting."

Sally has dedicated hundreds of hours towards case studies, hands-on training and study objectives that ranged from core areas of behavior (Ethology; Communication Behavior; Genetics; and Learning Theory, such as Operant and Respondent conditioning; Counter-conditioning; Systematic Desensitization; Behavior Replacement; and Extinction) to Search-and-rescue; Trick; and Obedience, Agility and Hunting Competition training. Her in-depth knowledge gained through education and actual hours of working in the field is maintained through periodic re-certification tests and continuing education.

Sally has helped hundreds of dog owners throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding areas by treating their pets with successful results for everything from puppy issues, separation anxiety and depression to fear-elicited and goal-directed aggressive behaviors. She offers private and group classes as well as behavior management training programs tailored to each dog's individual need. These programs are designed to significantly improve the owner-dog relationship and likelihood of long-term desirable behavior.

Her approach is gentle and delivered with easy-to-understand guidance so that even children can participate (with parental supervision) in training sessions. With a focus on positive reinforcement, Sally's programs zero in on breed-specific issues with consideration of the dog's age; previous training; environment; prey, pack, defense and rank drives; and any temperament faults that might have been inherited through irresponsible breeding. Most important, all of her classes include lots of encouragement, fun and exercise, so her students have a great experience and look forward to learning.

Staff Assistant Taco Bella

5-year-old Taco Bella is a fully trained service dog, actor and training assistant, who has helped many students that respond better to canine-canine communication.