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Sally really understood our dog's unique problems and challenges...she did an amazing job of helping us learn how to work with her! We saw incredible improvements in a very short time! Jennifer R. via Thumbtack

Sally and her team were amazing with the agility and sports training they took the time to spend with my dog. I was amazed with how quickly they were able to teach my dog new tricks. Most important, his behavior changed immediately, as he was so tired and truly content after each session.Sammy O.

My dogs and I learned a lot from Sally and my dogs loved working with her. I'm a big fan of positive reinforcement with dog training.Erika M. via Thumbtack

Sally responded right away to our Thumbtack request. She is very professional and always responded to our questions. We chose one of the behavioral training packages for our giant puppy Malamute and it was definitely worth it. Sally was able to find the root causes of our puppy's chewing and unwanted behavior within the first training session. Also, our puppy loves Sally and he responded well to all the training sessions. We accomplished much more than we expected. Sally taught us a lot of new things as well, and we are not first time dog owners. Will V. via Thumbtack

Sally responded right away to my first "desperate" phone call. She made a date for the next day to work with my new dog, a 100 pound lab. rescue, frantically tearing up my house. Within a couple hours of her arrival "Duke" calmed down. Sally's objective with Duke was for him to fit into a family of senior citizens. Because of Sally's training, Duke is now an important member of my family. He is able to pick up things that are dropped. Laundry, utensils, and papers are some of the items he retrieves from the floor. Duke not only picks up laundry, but can take it to the machine. He has been taught not to go up or down the stairs ahead of me without permission so I will not trip over him and fall. Duke can do many things now. Sally's objective to "make him safe and helpful" for a senior citizen family has been achieved. Marilyn C. via Thumbtack

5/5 Starts. Excellent experience!

Jackie I. via Thumbtack

Sally was my absolute savior! I had to leave out of town, last minute, and was gone for close to a week. I entrusted Sally with keys to my home even though we just met hours before my departure. She was great with the animals, came over more times than we originally agreed to, and cleaned up after the animals when one of them had an incredible mess :(
I cannot stop raving about Sally! She not only "saved" me by taking care of my three dogs: Great Pyrenees (120 lbs), German Shepherd (100 lbs) and Minpin...but she also garnered a client for life!

John S.  via Thumbtack

We had Sally and her team take care of Cookie and Messie during our vacation, we went worry free she made us feel very good about our dogs staying with her, when Sally brought our dogs bag they were happy so were we. We will have Sally take care of our dogs anytime she's available. Jorge V

Sally was great. Our dog has some troublesome behavior quirks, but she was patient and understanding with him. Darren C.

Sally is taking Ned, our Rough Collie, from puppy training right through to Service Animal certification. She is not only terrific with Ned, she is also terrific with our pre-teen kids, who are doing most of the training with her. She knows so much about training, different breeds, and dog psychology, we couldn't have chosen a better trainer!  Marni T. via Thumbtack

5/5 Stars

Carolyn C. via Thumbtack

5/5 Stars

Marsh M. via Thumbtack


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Sally has been great. my dog has severe separation anxiety, and she has made herself available to me whenever i come across a problem. she has only been working with Cierra for a couple of weeks, and everything was going well, until i tried to put her in my friends back yard alone. she felt that i was abandoning her, and it heightened her anxiety. i sent Sally a text the next day, and she offered some other solutions that might work until our next session. she also offered to come by and check on my dog when i go to back to work (i have been off for 2 years due to back surgery, hence the anxiety). that is above and beyond the scope of our agreement, and i can"t thank her enough for all she has done in such a short time. Donald R.via Thumbtack

Sally is the best! In only 2 weeks of training, I could notice a huge change on my dog's behavior.. She is patient and love what she does! I totally recommend!!!. Victoria D.  Thumbtack


Voted "Best of 2016 Dog Trainers" for the second year in a row!

Sally's the best!!!!! We love Sally! She is fantastic and so generous. But more importantly, Zeke loves her. And our ornery little pooch is making great progress!!!! Thanks Sally!" Abby Z. via Thumbtack

Sally is the best. We absolutely loved working with her. But most of all we love how our puppy is behaving now! She has a wealth of knowledge, and would be an asset to any dog! Candace H.  via Thumbtack

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The first half of 2015 was a tough one for Papi, but after major back surgery and months of therapy, he's recovered over 90 percent of his mojo. Couldn't have done it without the help of Sally Kemper. If you're anywhere near North Hollywood and have a dog that needs care, she's the best. Jonathan C.

I am so happy I found Sally. She is so sweet and she loves my dog. We started working on his separation anxiety and we will also get him more socialized with other dogs. Everything she says and explains makes sense to me and Lancelot and I have made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time. I would recommend Sally in a heartbeat. Caroline W. via Thumbtack

Really great experience! Sally is definitely the right person to work with my dogs. I like her philosophy and she really cares about your goals and what you want to accomplish with training.
Christa R. via Thumbtack

Sally is great! It's such a shame that all this construction is going on and we can't continue our training with her yet but she is just amazing. With just a few sessions I could already see the positive changes in my pet Pomeranian. We continue with her advice still everyday and it's all been just very helpful. Kristine J.  via Thumbtack

Sally is a fabulous dog trainer/puppy sitter! I did a board and train week with her for my 6-month old Yorkie mix, and the pup didn't want to leave when I went to pick her up. Sally is knowledgeable, patient, firm and informative. I have decided to keep her on as a 5-day a week walker/trainer for my pup and older dog too. Very happy with my experience so far! Holly G. via Thumbtack

Sally was prompt, courteous and professional .She was able to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease. I observed her interacting with my dog and she was patient, understanding and receptive to his needs. I am optimistic that she will be able to help my dog. I am pleased with Sally. Tory R. on  via Thumbtack